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Before you go to the code repository, the provider requests your contact information. To install this package, the provider would like to contact you to assist with setup. You can install this package from the provider's website. Before you leave AppExchange, the provider requests your contact information. Before we continue, the provider would like to know a little more about you. Phone Enter a Phone Number that is at least 9 digits.

Choose your country. You heard me: The pumpkin spice phenomenon has become so deeply tied up in the fall season that you can legit poop pumpkin spice-scented poops at this time. Poo-Pourri — as you are probably already aware — is an essential oil-based spray meant to be applied to a toilet bowl before you use it in order to cut down on the smells that typically arise from pooping. The company was founded in and spread mainly by word of mouth for several years; then, in , an exceedingly memorable YouTube video brought it into the mainstream.

Every so often, a limited-edition scent will arrive, as well; this past spring, for example, saw the launch of a seasonal spray called Honey Poo. For many people, however, using Chrome or Firefox is the norm, no matter what Microsoft wants. To install Chrome or Firefox — and get back to normality — open Edge, search for either, and find a Windows 10 version. Download it, install it, and make sure it's set as the default browser option so that Edge doesn't keep reappearing.

To do this, head to Settings, System, and click on Default Apps — click under Web Browser and you can then select your preferred default browser. But, now that Microsoft Edge is moving to Chromium , you may have less of a reason to switch over. Having a touchpad-enabled laptop is also good for Windows 10, but some users have reported that the upgrade from Windows 7 and sometimes Windows 8 breaks it. One of the ways to solve this is by first checking to see if your keyboard has a key that turns the touchpad off.

A new window will appear.

Andrew Reiff (Author of Understanding NoLimits Basic Edition)

From here, select the tab that says Device Settings, then Devices, and then make sure the touchpad is enabled. This should fix things. Safe Mode is just what you'd expect — a safe way of booting up a PC and running the system with no startup apps and only essential drivers, which should hopefully allow the computer to boot successfully when it won't otherwise due to some issue or other. With Windows 10, to access Safe Mode, hold down the Shift key during boot-up or select Restart from the desktop while holding down Shift.

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Location-based apps are fairly prominent in Windows 10 which makes it a good idea to let your PC know roughly where you are. Cortana, for example, can give far more information if it can accurately pinpoint where in the world it's being used. Windows Hello is one of the most innovative features that Microsoft has built into Windows Essentially, it lets a user login just by using facial recognition or a fingerprint virtually instantly.

The software, which is available to all Windows 10 users, does require special hardware and most likely won't work on older computers.

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Assuming you have the necessary hardware, how do you set up Windows Hello? Once you've done this, there will be an option to Setup under Face. Select this and follow the instructions. To tag a file, right click it, select Properties, go to the Details tab, and if you click on the Tags section under Description you can add a tag from there — simply type it in.

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You can then use those tags when searching — for example, you could tag a few files as a specific work project, all of which would come up when you searched for that term at a later date. Tweaking these options is easy, and the one that will yield results for our purposes is Exclusions, which dictates the areas of the system that are left unchecked by Defender. Is working with the keyboard and mouse too sluggish for your liking at times? Well, Windows 10 is a touchscreen-optimised operating system just as Windows 8 was , and that means it can do a lot of cool stuff rather swiftly with just a finger prod.

For example, swiping in from the left will bring you to Task View, an overview of all the apps running currently. Swiping in from the right brings up Action Center, where notifications are displayed and settings can be changed.

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