The Shadows Of Lilitine

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Strictly speaking, the length of each finger is also able to move finely differently from that of the wild. Really, I think that this is what I thought, but I will keep up at night. Morning of a bear craftsman is early. Or, yesterday I fell asleep with a bonfire in the river, so it was truly cold, but nothing like this plenty of hair! Sprinkle a small rock on a small stone for a while. There is nothing I have to do especially if my belly becomes cramped. For the time being diligent I decided to try again fishing. You can take it as if you are stupid, or you do not understand the meaning of being fished.

I cooked the fish which I took to breakfast, and I ate it. After dinner the dessert is like a mountain grape picked up properly with that stuff, or a pink tree never know well.

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I am afraid to eat something the name is unknown, but it looks like jelly, light, elastic and delicious. I can not stop doing nothing. Somehow I felt like my body was filthy and decided to actively bathe. I do not feel much cold. Slowly slowly entered the shoch, soaked the body to some extent. Well, the feeling is very refreshing. After cleaning myself, we went up to the river and blew away moisture and buffalo. I understand the feelings the dog does well.

This is pretty fun. I returned to the forest with a mood. Pichi Pichi Pachi Pachi and Birds sing a song. Originally wild animals should only kill others in order to live. Speaking from that point, my behavior as a polar bear beginner was somewhere away.

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Looking down on the left and right for a while and keep moving while securing safety. It was the same bear what I was saying, but it was a deca that I could not help calling it a different species. My body definitely exceeds 2 meters, but I saw it a little and it was twice.

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Even if the embarrassment emanating from the whole body is facing each other like this, it resonates in the bing and belly. Like a black mountain swells, he was staring all this way with a crawl. The red shining eyes have decided that this is perfectly food, or they do not feel dear fancy.

The white body hair running from the chest to the left shoul looked like a scythe of the dead god. First of all there are six legs. An arm like a big tree moves with the stiffness of a stick. All my hair stood on end. If I noticed I was groaned low holding both hands.

It is a person you can not but want to do. We kicked the ground at the same time as the leaves of the dance floating in the middle of each other touched the ground. TN: also please click the widgets to move from chapter to chapter, that is located on the top right of the page with a shape of a gear. I have decided that this will be the Table of contents for now, I only have a free domain one c:. Our hero is testing his limits to see a new horizon.

The Shadows of Lilitine

There is probably no reason for you to ask why am I climbing a mountain. Holding on to a huge boulder from day time to night time and move on, reaching new heights. You will say we are crazy in doing so, tiring our body out without rest, jumping from one boulder to another, passing through unusual inclinations that formed.

But what is wrong in doing it?. I want to ask you that question. Why not climb it? Despite having mountains here and there. Even with a single climbing tool, if you just try to climb it then you will understand, a thousand mile journey begins with one step. From the way of Mountain Climbing, Using these old tools are truly embarrassing. But mountains are much more attractive than the naked body of a beautiful woman.

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However, the excitement of wearing countless items while climbing round and round across the boulder, But a mountain can only be understood by the person who climbed. But still mountain climbing teaches to have self discipline in our body and mind. For people who are going to reach the top of a mountain for a few tens of kilometers using brand new flashy tools, will face a harsh reality of how a mountain is a different world itself separated from reality.

I opened my eyes while still thinking about such a thing. I gently shuddered my body to shake off the numbness as I look at what was reflected in my eyes , a few numbers of trees.

Chapter 01 : Season of hunting

I surely got done by for aiming on climbing the alps during the winter season. Before the dawn I came out of my home, and left Kamikochi, I broke out of the Tadasawa hut and left, passed through the Tengu hot springs, Kobuno head, Gendaruum, horseback ridge line, and almost reached the end by noon. TN: he is climbing a mountain called Hotakadake.

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The weather was fine. It seemed that my head got a bit dizzy with the blue sky that got reflected in my eyes.

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I slip down while climbing Hotaka Sanso Mount Hotakadake and fell to my death. I told my acquaintance if I die in the mountain then I will die in the mountain, but I feel embarrassed about my arrogance. I will be ashamed even if I survive. When I regained consciousness , I felt that my body was not my own somehow and It gave a strange unfamiliar feeling. It was strange that there is no pain even when I fall on the snow I fell on.

In other words, the snow that was there should be much deeper than I thought where I definitely would have been broken into pieces, as I opened my eyes I saw an unfamiliar landscape and decided that I was lost in a completely different mountain system. Or rather, what is the white thing that flickers in front of my glittering eyes from a little while ago? When I quickly raised my hand and looked down, I noticed that it was not a human palm, no matter how it looked it was a paw, I let out scream out. I heard the cry of a bear from the mountain that sounded like a fully grown bear made my body rigid.

I got up and started thinking. No way a bear? It is said that meeting a bear is so rare for a man, even for him who has been climbing mountains for decades. While going on mountains for a long time, it is said that by the northern Alps there will be no other type of bear that you will encounter except black bears, but now the bullshit was a reverberation coming from the belly on my appearance was beyond my expectation of this type of creature.

I got a hold of myself while being upset. My body was definitely hairy, but not as fluffy as this fur.