Steel City Love Song : Extraordinary Moments in Ordinary Lives

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Book Description Xlibris Corporation, 9C, Condition: New. Second Edition. In this book, the author takes a selection of dramatic stories from Pittsburgh and goes beyond what the newspapers and television report on to tell the rest of the story. This copy is in new condition with an unblemished cover having sharp edges and corners. The binding is tight and the pages are clean, crisp, unmarked and uncreased. This is a remarkable book and is in new condition. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller.


Book Description Xlibris, Book Description Xlibris Corp, Condition: Brand New. Both songwriters in their own right, Anna Tivel and Jeffrey Martin often play gigs together and know each other's music, backing each other up in the craft they have perfected so well. Anna Tivel's wide- eyed celestial folk songs belong in a similar ballpark with Anais Mitchell, Gregory Alan Isakov and Laura Veirs, where gentle picking plucks among occasionally unconventional sounds and a gorgeous voice tells stories of life in a world of natural wonders.

The resulting music is incredibly honest, lyric- driven, and deeply affecting. I say drop what you are doing, put his CD in the CD player and go lie on the couch. Her musical adventure began with devotion for the Performance Arts- participating in rock bands, jazz bands, show choirs, theater, guitar lessons, marching bands, campfires, dance classes, front porch jams and back porch jams- she developed a style unique to her desire to communicate- with the emotion of meaningful melodies.

Producer Masaru Higasa was born on the mystical island of Okinawa, Japan where he was first inspired to play the music of his ancestors- He brings a deeply Resonating history through multicultural traditional instruments and offers a backbone of enticing beats that get the body moving. Pepper Proud was raised in a small community in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, where her love for storytelling and her roots grew deep in traditional Folk Music, Engaging and pleasant as a Lark, her words and instrumentation interlace the music with a visionary outline - A simple story for the Journey.

Through many years of travel and study of world music, Jeff Kimes - calls to our auditory sense with deeply vibrational sounds of the Didgeridoo, seamless Biological Beats and Gracefully Versed Percussion.

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Together they combine genres like indie- folk, world- fusion and weave a smooth groove of soothing melodies, intricate instrumentation and beats that get the body blooming The intricate weavings of their vocal harmonies are undeniably exceptional. Fer takes a more dreamy approach, evoking complex and ethereal imagery within her sultry and haunting melodies.

تفاصيل ال٠نتج

Her potent electric lead guitar playing, in the vein of jazz- fusion guitarist John Scofield, bravely propels this duo through their uniquely heartfelt and spirited live performances, winning over audiences night after night. Patchy Sanders has created a new take on an old- time sound with rich vocals filled with acoustic instrumentation, plus an infectious energy that gets everyone involved.

A really warm vibe that makes wherever you are standing feel like the center of a Gypsy Caravan. I could hear this band in the 16th, 18th, and 21st Centuries. Thanks Patchy! Eric Miller returns to Coyle for the forth time to grace our community center with his smooth vocals that are reminiscent of the great crooners of the 's.

He will present his original songs mixed with selections right out of the Great American Songbook.

Accompanied by Sabu Miyata's fantastic bass, the music comes alive and fills the room with the most beautiful tones. Eric adds to the excitement by mixing up instruments between Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, and Harmonica. Please come and share an evening of Eric's honest cordiality and impeccable musicianship. The quartet brings over years of performance experience between them, mixing a deep history of playing bluegrass, with country, blues and rock music. At the heart of their sound is sweet harmony singing… a crystalline sound, thick and sweet as molasses, and as smooth and soft as velvet.

Strings and Things is a music program that combines the talents of two family bands from the south end of Hood Canal and gives us a taste of Bluegrass, Celtic, Gospel, and some Country music, plus a wee bit of Irish Step Dancing. The Crichton Family Band is a surprise to audiences as well as to their parents.

Not only do they manage to get along most of the time and play together as siblings, but their parents do not play instruments nor know much about music.

ISBN 13: 9781425731946

However, they had a strong desire to give their children the gift of music despite their deficit. Little did they think their home school requirement to learn an instrument would blossom over the years to playing together for nursing homes, fund raisers, Fiddle Fest, and more. The children each play multiple instruments now, but excel in fiddle primarily. Old Time Fiddle music is a favorite and strong influence on their repertoire as well as encourages them to learn by ear. Instrumental performances are their mainstay, but this year they have broadened their repertoire to include some vocals.

They incorporate a variety of instruments like the acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, the piano, and even the cello in many of their songs. The youngest sibling, age 6, plays the cute- card for now, but we hope she joins the band soon. At 17, 15, 13, and 11 years of age, these siblings hope to bless others with their toe- tapping tunes.

The Cylwik Sisters have been singing and playing music together all their lives. Determined to have his girls play the piano like both their grandmothers, their dad has had each take lessons from Grandma and developed their musical ear since age six and before. Now they all play, sing and have added additional instruments to their skill set including the harp, ukulele, guitar, and the youngest is just learning the fiddle.

They enjoy lending harmony to a variety of songs from gospel, to country, to traditional and oldies. From age 14 to 11 to 9, these home- schooled girls each bring their own style and interests to the music they arrange and share. Nathaniel combines complex finger- style guitar work with thoughtful, melodic vocal lines to create a sonic experience that is truly fresh and impactful. Mark Pearson has traveled extensively with the famous male harmony band, The Brothers Four Greenfields.

As the name implies, he brings us an intimate, cozy and warm evening of meaningful and memorable songs and stories. With soaring vocals, heartfelt harmonies and intricate guitar, sweethearts Abby Mae and Dillan Witherow are taking the Northwest by storm. There heartfelt vocal connection is anchored by Craig's masterfully- crafted guitar voicings while Sabrina's bass, ukulele and percussion expand the dimension of their performances. The Village Idiots play new, old, and re- imagined twang with a drop of the hard stuff. Hesperiana Quartet is a Bainbridge Island- based string quartet composed of two violins, viola and cello.

Its members are professional musicians and current or former strings teachers with active studios. Happily, the quartet makes time and loves! On tour from Nashville:. This song poet engages and inspires audiences around the world with his quick wit, insightful stories and commanding presence. An expressive singer his voice is ageless evoking a rich lifetime of experience.

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Tashina Clarridge: fiddle, guitar, mandolin, guitar, banjo, vocals. Balladeering and soulful country songs about the ethos and modern myth. The line- up includes Mills' partner of eleven years, Tom Parker, on bass, Lucien La Motte on pedal steel and electric guitar, and Paul Culala on drums and percussion. Hailing from southern Whatcom County, WA, The Sky Colony is a collective of country kids who blend intricate guitar styles and vocal harmonies to create original and beautiful songs with lyrics that invoke an unconventional dreamscape within the folk genre.

Clean Bandit - Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass [Official Video]

They are currently playing shows in and around the Pacific Northwest and preparing material for their first full- length album, to be released independently in Since Tania Opland and Mike Freeman have been touring the world together from two home bases half a world apart Suquamish, Washington and Inistioge, Ireland , with a unique and eclectic mix of songs in several languages and acoustic music played on more instruments than any sane duo would travel with: hammered dulcimer, guitar, recorders, cittern, violin, Native American flute, ocarina, hurdy- gurdy, percussion Their shows feature traditional and contemporary material from many cultures as well as original compositions, all presented with wit and style - guaranteed to provide an evening of great music and entertainment for all, especially those seeking something a little off the beaten track.

Mike's irreverent sense of humor and Tania's stunning vocals provide the springboard for a rollercoaster ride across several continents and back again. Strap yourself in and enjoy! The Kate Copeland Trio features original songs with a refreshingly modern folk sensibility. Sit back and ease into their lush vocal harmonies, evocative lyrics, and carefully crafted refrains. They will spirit you away and leave you wanting more The two friends share a knack for arrangement, skill with their instruments, a way with a song, and a good laugh now and then.

The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest mountains in the world, and the Mississippi River is the most musical river ever known. Jes Raymond and Jakob Breitbach may have met in the rainy bottom of the Puget Sound, but their music is vibrantly infused with the essence of the homes they wandered west from. The Blackberry Bushes draw from these deep roots of American traditional music to create a playful and resonant sound with both twang and sophistication.

Joyful singing and enchanting songwriting are supported by carefully constructed soundscapes that feature virtuosic fiddle. What in the world happened here? I was only gone for an hour!

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Some elements were familiar a crew of guys in front of a brownstone, drinking and mugging for the camera , and some were menacing the number of red bandannas and guns on display , but it was the man at the center of the video who startled me most; he seemed almost precision-engineered to make people feel old. In an era when most young rappers have a couple of face tattoos, 6ix9ine had the number 69 inked above his right eye in point type.

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He had the same number spelled out in cursive over his left eye. It was everywhere on his body. Within about a year, he would be in federal custody, a year-old facing life in prison for a number of charges, including racketeering and attempted murder. Normally this sort of arrest leads to an outcry about literal-minded police overreach. Not this time. People generally seemed pleased to see the rapper in cuffs. This was partly because 6ix9ine was universally reviled by music critics and journalists, on account of a crime he committed before he became famous: In , he pleaded guilty to the use of a minor in a sexual performance, for having filmed and shared on social media a video of a girl performing oral sex on his friend.

But it was also because he had spent the past year living the life of a Looney Tunes character: courting danger, narrowly escaping it, then taunting his foes. This genuinely incredible run netted him more than stories on TMZ: gang members in San Antonio threatening his life; a shootout at the Barclays Center; shots fired at a video shoot in Brooklyn; more shots fired at a Beverly Hills video set.