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Percussion is an effective treatment of stiff joints and muscle spasms, this type of massage actually elongates the muscle fibers thus helping to prevent further occurrence of muscle spasms. After 'beating the muscles into submission', there is a huge release of tension and a feeling of ease sets in, following a session.

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Improve recovery rate. Especially with soft tissue injuries percussive massage can growth of tissues and repair them as it increases blood flow to the treatment area.

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Also help with the movement of lymph and removal of waste and toxins in the blood. Vibration therapy shows clinically early reduction of pain and is effective in decreasing the level of LDH in 48 hours post exercise periods. These portable machines are small and easy enough to use just about anywhere. And in many cases come with rechargeable batteries.

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Take it to the gym, to work, on vacation, orwell sitting in the comfort of your living room. Many are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and are able to hit just about every muscle in the body from your feet to your face. Improves flexibility, strength and performance.

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Particularily important to training athletes is how vibration therapy can improve muscular strength, power development and kinesthetic awareness according to one study. These can also help to reduce the tension on the muscle tendon unit that affects the visco-eleastic component of the tissue leading to an increase in competence of the muscle and improvement of muscular flexibility.

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The experience of thumping and vibration itself can have a very therapeutic and calming effect. Athletes: Regardless of the sport, working out is very demanding physically so it is extremely important to take the time for rest and recovery which should always follow every workout. By adding percussion therapy to your recuperation stratyegy. You can often times catch a glimpse of a professional athletes on the sidelines using such a device between playing times. Additionally, percussive massages can help with muscle stiffness.

Stiffness can occur when muscles do not receive enough blood flow.

With a percussive massage, blood flow can be increased, relaxing stiff muscles. Tim Tam percussion massagers are one of the most popular brands of massager of this type. Designed to be effectively used by physiotherapists and athletes alike to recover from injuries faster, improving performance, and allowing you to play harder, train harder, and more often.

Users including basketball players, martial arts enthusiasts, and even olympic athletes have benefitted greatly and have endorsed these massagers for effectively treating injuries and conditions that are often associated with sports and athletic endevours. These units are known to be a both powerful and portable tool for delivering results when it comes to aiding in increasing blood flow, breaking down knots, as well as releasing built up lactic acid in the muscles.

If you are looking for a powerful and versitile power massager that provides incredible value for the price compared to some of the more expensive devices in order to achieve the same results.

Includes everything you need to enjoy a pulsating massage on just about every area of the body that would require this kind of treatment. Lightweight, easy to hold, and compact design. It comes with many great features that are not found in cheaper models as you can set the different intensity settings and switch out the 3 distinct massager knobs, as well as changing the rotating position.

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This unit is both smooth and much more quiet compared to similiar machines as it runs at 60 decibals of loudness, similiar to the levels of normal conversion. The Theragun power massager is used in over 40 different countries by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, athletes, and over professional sports teams the world over. Its cutting edge design delivers a scientifically-calibrated deep muscle treatment that provides powerful vibration massage methods that are unmatched by many of its competitors.

If you want a quiet device that is still performs a powerful and effective massage, the Hypervolt can definately deliver results. Perfect for home use or post workout use to sooth sore muscles. This is a state-of-the-art vibration massager that has been designed to foccus on relieving muscle soreness and stiffness, while improving circulation, range of motion, and the over all health of the body's soft tissues like muscles and tendons. It is safe to use and very easy to transport. Here is another powerful but noise cancelling handheld massager that is gaining popualrity amoung users due to its long battery life and can virtually take anywhere from work to the gym.

Works for both athletes and for personal massage therapy. That fact that it is nearly silent to run even on higher settings, along with the fact that it is so lightweight, makes this handheld percussion massager gun ideal for anyone desiring this type of massage without being annoyed by how loud and heavy it is. Like Verizon Media, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.

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