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It's your life explained, amplified in the vicinity of your existence, reduced to riding a garbage eating insect while just trying to make it happen. Switching computer parts on the fly means computer parts are replaced while the computer is still running.

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It can also be used in programming to describe changing a program while it is still running. In restaurants and other places involved in the preparation of food, the term is used to indicate that an order needs to be made right away. In the automotive industry, the term refers to the circumstance of performing certain operations while a vehicle is driven by the engine and moving. In reference to four-wheel drive vehicles, this term describes the ability to change from two to four-wheel drive while the car is in gear and moving.

In harvesting machines, newer monitoring systems let the driver track the quality of the grain, while enabling them to adjust the rotor speed on the fly as harvesting progresses. In operating systems using GUI very often it is done by switching from an active window or an object playing similar role of a particular software piece to another one but of another software. The copy process requires each block of data to be retrieved and immediately written to the destination, so that there is room in the working memory to retrieve the next block of data.

When used for encrypted data storage, on the fly the data stream is automatically encrypted as it is written and decrypted when read back again, transparently to software. The acronym OTFE is typically used. On-the-fly programming is the technique of modifying a program without stopping it.

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A similar concept, hot swapping , refers to on-the-fly replacement of computer hardware. On-the-fly computing OTF computing is about automating and customizing software tailored to the needs of a user. According to a requirement specification, this software is composed of basic components, so-called basic services, and a user-specific setting of these basic components is made.

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