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This addictive part coming-of-age, part romance, and part emotional thriller takes place in the background of seeing an ex at a wedding. The story is told from two perspectives, the past and the present, showing the cycle of Lucy and Stephen's toxic yet thrilling relationship. Recommended by Emma C. When the Whitman family moves into the quiet Oak Knoll neighborhood, they have finally achieved ultimate success: home, family, and happiness. But their arrival causes the unraveling of a chain of events, and there is no stopping what is on its way.

Narrated by a Greek chorus of neighbors, who see all and know all, they are nonetheless drawn into the vortex that the Whitmans create, and the scene is set for an explosion. Fowler writes a timely Hughes's terse, suspenseful style is marvelous. If you love classic noir or The Talented Mr. Ripley , you'll probably love this brief, gripping novel.

A thoughtful and urgent examination of climate change anxiety and how we can — and must — overcome it to take action. In Sons of Achilles , Lovelace deals in inherited violence — that which is passed down from our families, our countries, our cultures, our lovers, our myths — a violence which threads itself through every facet of our lives. I am particularly drawn to the relationship between violence and intimacy in these poems, the expression of love as violence: What can it mean that even or especially love is expressed through violence?

How do we I don't have words for how amazing this collection of poetry is, except to say that every word in it is a revelation. I read these poems again and again, and the best thing I can say is that it refreshed my heart and made me feel less alone, which is maybe the most important thing we can ask language to do. Recommended by Tim B. This book goes all over the place — Georgia, Germany, Coney Island, New Hampshire, France, and back again — looping around two families, black and white, across five decades.

The result is a stunning novel that grabs hold of big questions and doesn't let go: What does it mean to be a family?

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Can you outrun the past, and should you try? Who gets to belong in this messed-up, beautiful country we call America? Her world building is lavish and precise; though her prose often tilts into poetry, her characters are crystalline, giving the writing a paradoxical quality that is both ornate and bare. This confusion between what is exposed and what only imagined drives the wonderfully creepy Melmoth , in which a fabled wanderer combs the world for human wickedness, doling out consolation Nine strangers meet at a health spa in a remote part of Australia.

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Moriarty works her magic once again, with empathetic characterization, taut narrative, and heart-pounding suspense. Meet the washed-up romance novelist, the family of three, and the rest of this disparate group. Recommended by Mary Jo S. Adjustment Day is the Palahniuk book that requires. A satire in his typical style, this book is disturbing, uncomfortable, and nearly impossible to put down. Comparisons to Fight Club are inevitable, but I stuck with Adjustment Day for its relevance to the current news cycle, and it didn't disappoint. Recommended by Lucinda G.

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With empathy and compassion, Markley chronicles the bottoming out of the so-called American Dream. It's a painful yet beautifully written story for our current age of widespread anxiety and anguish. Recommended by Jeremy G. My go-to book for when I'm feeling sad, lonely, or just need to be reminded that the world is a funny, heartbreaking place full of people who are all just trying to figure out how to get from one day to the next.

I know the phrase "this book made me feel less alone" gets used an awful lot, but I can truly say this short story collection makes me feel less alone. I loved this so much I carried all pages both to and from NYC on a recent trip. It's the last of the series that started with The Shadow of the Wind , but it certainly stands alone as an epic, gripping read.

Alicia Gris is a conflicted secret agent of the Franco regime sent back to her native Barcelona in search for a missing state official. Nothing is at it seems in the dark world of Franco's Spain. Alicia follows clues that lead her Samantha Hunt's amazing first novel, The Seas , has been out of print for several years; I am so happy that Tin House has republished it in this gorgeous new edition, so that a whole new group of readers can enjoy Hunt's graceful, brilliant prose.

The Seas is a beautiful and feverish tale of grief, love, and magic narrated by a possible mermaid. Hunt's unique voice and vision are intoxicating. Recommended by Jill O. Flores skillfully varies voice and form, but the collection is unified and consistently engaging — exactly what I look for in a short story collection.


This is a genre-bending novel featuring a narrator who attempts to review a series of movies that don't exist. What first begins with a series of academic footnotes about notable films throughout history becomes an obsessive journey into his mind and life, revealing a personal history that overwhelms and challenges the reviews themselves. This is a wonderfully odd novella about a Norwegian exchange student who experiences a queer sexual awakening while studying in Australia. Full of psychedelic eroticism, lush descriptions that are gross yet elegant, and dreamlike sensuality that disorients just as it seduces, this psychologically twisted bildungsroman by musician Jenny Hval is an eerie romance that asks all the right questions.

Recommended by Ariel K. An unflinchingly difficult look at one man's life of crime, imprisonment, and finally, solitary confinement. Solitary is a deeply disturbing and complex exploration of the intersections between crime and punishment, and asks timely questions about the ethics and consequences of isolating human beings from each other.

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A challenging and rewarding read. Elly Griffiths writes a spooky ghost story and a chilling murder mystery tangled into one creepy novel. Set in a school on the moors of rural England, with a haunted mansion and plenty of intrigue, The Stranger Diaries is framed by a sinister horror story, and absolutely every character is hiding something. The World Before Us is a complex story about the disappearances of a young woman and a small girl into the same forest over years apart.

Based partially on an actual event involving Alfred Lord Tennyson, and narrated effectively by a chorus of dead inmates from a long-defunct local lunatic asylum, this novel deftly examines memory, social status, mental illness, self, and human nature.

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Trying desperately to understand what has Wow, Giovanni's Room really ripped my heart out — and I loved every minute of it! Baldwin's distinctly American story is set in Paris, and the "most romantic city in the world" is an effective backdrop for this devastating exploration of repressed sexuality and squandered love, an exploration that is inspiring in its honest representation of American masculinity, bisexuality, and what's at stake in the battle between fear and love. A series of letters between family members in times when language and alphabet usage is restricted and punishable by banishment.

As the letters of the alphabet are banned, the author stops using them while still telling a wonderful tale.

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Recommended by Angelo R. My favorite retelling of Jane Eyre! This dynamic trio of authors — Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows — brilliantly handles this beloved classic with VanderMeer's Annihilation is a disturbing yet intriguing story that keeps you turning pages. Four women of varying scientific professions are assigned to venture into Area X on a 12th expedition. No one before them has survived. Peer into the journal of the Biologist as she writes her firsthand account of Area X.

Recommended by Rin S. There are few books I return to as frequently as I do Sorrow Arrow. It's the kind of book you pick up when you want to read a single page or even a single line to carry you through the day, but it's also the kind of book that, once you've picked it up, you're likely to read cover to cover in one sitting. Frey's lines are sharp as the titular arrow — they lodge themselves deep, and while yes, some of them are likely to bring the sharp The Door is an astonishing novel.

It left me speechless, reeling, heart between my teeth. Szabo's characters are so real, so lived in, so particular and surprising in the way that everyone is particular and surprising, if only we had the time and the perceptive capacities to see each other clearly, wholly, without judgement or fear.