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When Princeton University senior Elizabeth Butterworth was in middle school she immersed herself in the richly imagined world of J. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings. Skip to main content. Search form Search. CFP: The self, contemplation, and spiritual exercise in the Enneads. Calls for Papers. Select a category from this list to limit the content on this page. View full article. In the News: The Latin Prize.

In the News: Subway work unearths ancient road in Greece. Coalition on the Academic Workforce Survey Results. Gary Meltzer Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Enneads by Plotinus. The Enneads by Plotinus ,.

Stephen MacKenna Translator. John M. Dillon Abridged by.

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Plotinus is the last great philosopher of antiquity, although in more than one respect, a precursor of modern times. The Enneads bring together Neoplatonism--mystic passion and ideas from Greek philosophy--together with striking variants of the Trinity and other central Christian doctrines, to produce a highly original synthesis.

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To ask other readers questions about The Enneads , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I suppose, once again, I will prove my Platonist sympathies by reviewing this book so positively. It's not that I am always in agreement with Plotinus I'll follow this up below , but this is such an influential and foundational work of Philosophy and Neo-Platonism that I really can't give it a lower review in all fairness.

I also was engaged in the book from beginning to end. This is a dense work. It's the full unabridged Enneads published by Digireads. I had already read the Essential Plotinus, I suppose, once again, I will prove my Platonist sympathies by reviewing this book so positively. I had already read the Essential Plotinus, which was a very sparse selection of the Enneads.

I am incredibly glad that I did not let the reading of that very insufficient sampling be my only foray into Plotinus. There are six Enneads, each containing nine treatises, in the complete Enneads. Elmer O'Brien did not include any treatises from the second Ennead and barely touched Enneads 3 and 6. There are many treatises in here that are equally, if not more, thought provoking and engaging, e. All of the above prove beyond any doubt the merits of Plotinus.

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The one thing I was struck by was Plotinus discussions of Being. There is much here that was later explored by the German Idealists; given my penchant for that school of philosophy, I was surprised and intrigued by how many parallels exist between Plotinus and Hegel and Schelling, but even with Kant and Fichte to some degree. The first treatise where this starts to become evident is treatise 6 of the second Ennead, entitled Quality and Form-Idea.

Thankfully, the translators included in brackets the Greek original for Plotinus' terms for kinds of Being, e. In various places throughout the Enneads, the way Plotinus uses these terms, parallels Schelling's and Hegel's use of the German terms "Seyen" and "Seyende". There are some differences, but the parallels are close enough to say without question that Plotinus was working within the same lines of thought. He discusses passivity and activity within these concepts of being, which is a notable feature of Schelling's work. Mind is also important for Plotinus as it was for Hegel's work.

Here, presumably, the word translated as "Intellectual-principle" is most likely the Greek "nous", but, unfortunately, the underlying Greek term is not cited here. To say that Plotinus foreshadowed all later Idealism would be an understatement I think. There are plenty of things I disagree with Plotinus about. Like most Platonists going back to Plato himself, Plotinus believed in the transmigration of souls i. I won't get into my issues with that doctrine here. He also has a vacillating view regarding matter. He argues that all evil stems from matter yet opposes the gnostics on related issues, ironically enough but also believes that the supra-lunar world has some more divine and "pure" form of matter.

He never really explains why sub-lunar and supra-lunar forms of hyle differ. One is left to speculate that the supra-lunar forms consist of less matter and more mind. Still, it is curious that the luminaries wind up taking part in less matter and earthly forms in more. What exactly initiated that cosmic lottery is not explored.

They are still evil to some degree. Some actions of these divine luminaries must be questionable if that is the case. He also believes in an eternal universe. I reject that idea for the absurdities that result. The above brings up my other issue: Plotinus, like the gnostics, utterly trivializes the nature of evil. How matter can display overt willful evil seems to contradict the Platonic notion of the passivity and inert nature of matter.

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Once again, one is left to speculate that because in Platonism no being is willfully evil, they are only evil by ignorance or by obstruction; matter seems to function more as an ignorance inducing, and good obstructing, hindrance. But using this as an explanation for the nature of willful evil, which certainly exists counter to Platonist doctrine , can only be said to be a poor explanation.

Plotinus' pantheism is somewhat ambiguous. He always keeps an aspect of divinity transcendent, so not all aspects of divinity are embodied in the cosmos. I don't feel the need to comment on that aspect of his philosophy. I don't want to make this review too long.

The point of all my reviews is to provide my thoughts on the book I've read and I've done that. The complete Enneads is highly recommended. The history of Philosophy in general, and Platonism and Idealism in particular, are indebted in varying degrees to Plotinus. View all 8 comments. I have chosen to perhaps write this review prematurely, before my thoughts settle and before I've reread certain parts of the text that I want to reread.

But it is difficult to tell whether freshness or certainty is more beneficial for a review, and for now I choose the former. I read this book because of my more mystic leanings and because Plotinus is referenced in the footnotes on just about every other page of my copy of Augustine's Confessions. I'm on a hunt for significant primary texts in t I have chosen to perhaps write this review prematurely, before my thoughts settle and before I've reread certain parts of the text that I want to reread.

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I'm on a hunt for significant primary texts in the history of philosophy, and Plotinus seemed both interesting and influential. The opening biographical chapter by Porphyry is entertaining. It seems that Plotinus was fond of nursing until he was eight. Most interesting to me, however, from this part is Porphyry's statement that, as opposed to caring about style, Plotinus' "one concern was for the idea" 7.

Lloyd Gerson spearheads major new translation of Plotinus’ Enneads

Of course, I did not read this book in the Greek, so translation might have polished it, but I think a large part of my love for it is a result of its style. I mentioned that I have mystic leanings, and as one might imagine this leads me to prefer Plato to Aristotle, and Plotinus, perhaps taking this aspect of Plato even further than Plato, was quite agreeable to me. The most enjoyable parts to me were his discussions of the contemplative life, found throughout the work but especially at the very end.